E!: Will you show some of your new relationship on Southern Charm next season?
ML: I showed a lot of my relationship during my first two years of filming. That was a toxic relationship, and the relationship that I’m in now is just so good and pure and I’m going to protect that as much as I can. Therefore, I’m not going to be showing any of that. He doesn’t have any interest in that. And, you know, it’s, it’s gonna be hard for people to kind of understand and see my life but I think a lot of people that have been in this industry understand that it’s worth keeping that to yourself.

This is not my first rodeo. People are going to try to rip apart anything that people are happy or positive about, so I have no doubt that things will be said or anything like that, but the connection that I have with my fiancé and that love is so apparent.

E!: How long have you and Brett been together?
ML: We’re going on seven months. You know when you know. When I saw him I instantly knew. And, I hadn’t been scared either. There were no red flags. He has been a complete angel to me, and not only that but also my son. 

E!: Have you told Patricia Altschul about your engagement yet?
ML: I want to see her in person and you know I don’t want to FaceTime her or anything. I want to go over there after all this is said and done and share the news and I think she’ll be happy for me. I am dying to tell her. We’ve been close since I was like 18 or 19 years old. I’m 31 now. Her son Whitney [Sudler-Smith] isn’t married yet or anything, so like I think I’m like filling the void for a daughter-in-law, or if she ever wanted a daughter.

E!: How does Brett feel about you being in the public eye?
ML: He’s a shy, more relaxed, person, who is incredibly supportive. He’s like “Oh, these people want to take a picture with you,  you should do that she’s a huge fan. He’s really supportive of me and he encourages me. He’s not jealous of me or my success or anything like that. He’s got my back and is my teammate.

It’s not every day that you work with your ex [Austen Kroll], but he’s not insecure at all and has no reason to be. He knows that Austen and I have water under the bridge and are friends now.